KTW Pulling Team

03 case pullng 1279Dating back one hundred plus years ago, farmers used barn doors pulled by draft horses to see how many people standing on the old barn door could the farmer's draft horse pull? The same question remains among modern day men. How much weight on the modern day sled can the mighty farm tractor pull?

Friendly competition takes place all over the country, the NTPA's, National Tractor Pullers Association's, motto was "Pull on Sunday, Plow on Monday".  Who can pull the most? ... It's about power, it's about bragging rights ... Tractor pulling, it's the world's most powerful motor sport!

"Pull on Sunday - Plow on Monday"

What is tractor pulling? In modern times, sleds are pulled as far as possible down a clay track that is typically a 30 foot wide by 300 foot long stretch. Unlike the early days where the methods varied, such as using the dead weight of a fixed mass that was dragged, or the body weight of people at fixed positions stepping on as the sled came past. Broken ankles and legs were a hazard of the sleds back then ... spoiling the fun!

Today's sleds use a more complex system of gears to move weights of up to 65,000 pounds/29 tons. The way in which it does this is to start off with all the weights over the sled's rear axles to give it an effective weight of the sled plus zero. As the tractor makes its way up the course, the weights are pushed forward of the sled's axles pulling the front of the sled into the ground synthetically creating a gain in weight until the tractor is no longer able to overcome the force of friction.

Competitors attempt to pull the sled the entire distance of the track; if successful it is known as a "Full Pull".  Those who manage a Full Pull move on to the "Pull Off" where sleds are set to be even tougher.

Like the farmers who boasted about who had the strongest pulling horses ... come day's end the tractor that can overcome the force of friction wins ... taking home the day's bragging rights. Keystone Tractor Works invites you to spend a full pull kind of a day away from the office, a day of comradery among fellow tractor enthusiasts, a day of pure horsepower, a day at the tractor pulls!

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