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Suffolk Peanut Festival

Oct 9 - 12, 2014

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Antique Road Trucks & Tractors Everywhere!!!



 outside of building2

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Thoroughly enjoyed three wonderful Abilene-Keystone tractor shows in a row. The new warehouse facility housing the 100s of beautiful tractors, Indian Motorcycle, and numerous artifacts is a sight to behold. The commeraderie and good will between the guests-enthusiasts is over the top and the entertainment and refreshments complete the package. The operation runs like a Swiss watch and the amount of effort to put on and secure the show is beyond belief. Very best to all and appreciate the classic hospitality and history.

Many New Additions Have Been Added To Our Antique Truck Collection..

Here are just a few of them:

1935 Diamond T 211 AD   1930 Diamond T 602C            1935 IH C-30

1935 Diamond T 211 AD 21930 Diamond T 602c 21935 IH C 30 Gulf 2